Angel of Mercy

When there is extreme neglect and physical abuse present.  Addresses issues of trauma, shock, fear, devastation, low self esteem, feeling unsafe and insecure, or unloved and unwanted.

For any animal that has ever been rescued from a shelter or with an unknown history!

Clear Thinking

Helps animals that are spaced out, unfocused, easily distracted and overwhelmed by external stimuli.  Great for those that do not pay attention or are unable to concentrate for any length of time.  Helps to increase memory retention while improving the animals capacity to learn new things.



To the rescue.  When your animals experience any sort of accident or traumatic event, the emotional scars can be difficult for them to get past.  Use whenever there is a shocking situation that over faces your animal, leaving them panicked shaky, or off balance.  Great for emergencies as well as pre and post surgical situations.  Helps resolve the crisis.  Brings a greater sense of peacefulness.


Devil Be Gone

Deals with willful, overly aggressive, hostile, stubborn, moody, rebellious and cantankerous behavior that is considered dangerous.  Addresses biting, snapping, bucking, rearing, and unprovoked attacks on other animals or people.  Effective on animals that are intent on causing harm to themselves, other animals or people.

Try this before giving up on them!


Ego Builder

Helps those animals that experience lack of self-confidence and are afraid to face new situations.  Excellent for any animal that seems reluctant or unwilling to meet the challenges or training expected of them (i.e. entering a ring, crossing water, jump hurdles etc.)  For shy, timid, fearful, and withdrawn, or apathetic, or uncertain ones.  Give them a new sense of confidence and self-esteem.


Obsess Less

Calms the tendency towards obsessive-compulsive behavior.  For incidents of self-destruction, self-mutilation, cribbing, chewing, licking, scratching without cause.  Addresses issues of self-loathing, frustration, boredom and felling unclean.  For when obsessive and repetitive behavior loses its original intent and becomes a habit.


Eases animals separation anxiety when being removed from their owner, mother or herd members.  Addresses issues of abandonment, rejection and worthlessness.  Great to use when you go out of town or when an animal is weaned from the herd.  Allows them to stand on their own without fear or anxiety.


Panick Attack

Helps to alleviate hysterical behavior or extreme terror arising out of abandonment.  Eases feelings of isolation when left behind or left home alone.  Subdues the sense of panic that may  drive them to self-induced bodily harm.


In Training

Improves the animals patience, focus and tolerance and releases resistance.  They become accepting of things they do not understand or tasks they do not want to do.  Establishes a one-on-one bond with the trainer.

Helps them to work with you - not against you.


Safe Journey

For courage to face trailering and traveling issues.  Addresses nervousness, hysteria, anxiety, fear of confined spaces and motion sickness during travel.  Instills a feeling of safety and security and helps to release attachments to those left behind.

Make traveling easier on them and you!

Life’s Changes

For facing drastic changes like the loss of a loved one or being moved to a new home.  Resolves issues of resentment, intolerance, alienation, isolation, jealousy, feeling of sadness, heartache and depression.  Re-socializes.

Brings harmony and happiness to you home and family.

Sibling Rivalry

Helps reduce extreme competitiveness and jealous behavior between animals in a family.  Alleviates overbearing and selfish behavior.  Eases intolerance towards others.  Replaces the power struggle and aids in acceptance of their rank in the pecking order.


Easy Does It

For incidents of obsessive, destructive or disruptive behavior to property.  Includes chewing of household items, urinating on furniture, when left alone, demanding exclusive attention at all times, and constant whining or crying.  Helps address frustration , loneliness, jealousy, over-protectiveness, boredom and feeling victimized.

Mellow Out

Helps to calm the nervous or jittery animals that may be moody, or irritable, or on the edge all the time.  For overly anxious and anticipatory animals that tend to lose control easily.   Great to use   prior to competition, thunderstorms, or firework displays. 

Never leave home without it.

Sore No More Gelotion

Derived directly from the original SORE NO-MORE horse liniment but in gel form. This all-natural horse liniment is thicker and less runny for those who do not want to loose a drop! Safe to use under wraps. Great to use on horses with sensitive skin and when doing ultrasound work.

Sore No More

Sports Salve

The successful liniment base is mixed with a creamy Tamanu Butter & Aloe Vera blend to give you a soothing cooling Arnica cream. The applications are endless. The mix makes for an excellent Leg Grease prior to competition. Apply to areas of edema, swelling, heat, inflammation or friction burns and scrapes. Helps hydrate skin and hooves and encourages hair growth