Text Box:  About Equine Textiles
"...He must have a passion - not simply a liking - for horses, for nothing short of an absorbing passion can make him take the necessary interest in his mount... Itís obvious that any job is done better when the person doing it has a passion for the task at hand. This is exactly the foundation on which Equine Textiles was created.

The quality and the availability of products dedicated to protect, support and heal horse legs were appallingly deficient over the last 25 years. This changed in 1984 when Peter Armato, an experienced horseman, created Equine Textiles. Peter got his start as a hot walker in Southern California. In time, he worked his way up to positions as groom and assistant to one of the regionís foremost veterinarians Ė before becoming a horse owner himself. His years in the stables gave Peter the education of a lifetime. 
Peter knows first hand the tedious process that takes place when wrapping a horseís legs. The many hours he spent wrapping sheet cotton around horseís legs led him to create Equine Textileís Pillow Wrap. Today, this bonded, seamless, thick bandage is the basic stable wrap. Whatís more, itís durable, washable, quick and easy to apply all because it was designed specifically for the job it does.
Over the past 20 years, Peter has taken his knowledge and expanded the Equine Textiles product line to include much more than leg care products. Youíll see exactly what we mean as you browse through our site and on-line store. The quality, variety and ingenuity behind Equine Textiles products speak for themselves. Our goal at Equine Textiles is to provide equestrian products that are practical, innovative and useful to those who need them most. If itís Equine Textiles you know it makes plenty of sense Ė for horses and for the people who love them.
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