Hoof Growth

Healing Hoof Abscess

Easy Application

Shock Absorption

Traction Durability




Long Distance

Mounted Patrol



Tender Hooves


Chronic Lameness

Clubbed Foot 

Founder (different stages)

Arthritis (Acute & Minor)

Ring Bone Problems

Coffin Bone Stress Fractures

Stone Bruised Soles

Tendon and Ligament Injuries


Text Box: Shoes will fit both front and hind patterns, 
but you may need a smaller shoe size for the hind feet.
Measurements are across the widest part of hoof (not toe to heel):
Size 000 = between 3.75" and 4.25"
Size 00 = between 4.25" and 4.5"
Size 0 = between 4.5" and 4.75"
Size 1 = between 4.75" and 5.25"
Size 2 = between 5.25" and 5.75"
Flowchart: Punched Tape: Click here to download the Shoe Application Instruction Sheet
Flowchart: Punched Tape: Click here to download the Information Brochure

Designed for the
Comfort of the Horse

Designed by a horse woman, using a farrier’s input every step of the way, you’ll find many features that will change your way of thinking about a horseshoe.

Lightweight polyurethane helps a horse to feel more natural.

Rolled toe prevents toe stubbing to ease break over to provide a horse with improved movement.

Recessed nail channel provides multiple nailing options yet keeps the nail head from contacting the ground. The divets in the nail channel help as a guide for nailing options, but you can actually nail anywhere in the nail channel.

Recessed frog support protects the soft tissue from sharp rocks. Additionally, it stimulates the frog on impact, increasing circulation and improving your horse’s endurance. This area can be removed if needed.

Open areas allow the sole to breathe while also providing easy access for cleaning.

• One unique shape fits both front (Round) or hind (oval) shaped hooves. Simply use hoof nippers on the trim line to remove excess urethane for a custom fit.