Rambo Products in stock:

Rambo Supreme

Rambo Net Cooler

Rambo Helix Cooler

Rambo Protector

Rambo Stable Blanket

Rambo Horseware Liner

NM Halter

NM Fleece

NM Stable Sheet

NM Travel Boots


Text Box: Why Use Rambo?

It is quick and easy to put blankets on and off as they fasten from one side.  Hoods can stay attached to the blanket and are fastened with Velcro straps.

You  donít have to worry about your horses safety and comfort.  Rambo blankets do not twist, rub or nor need leg straps due to the crisscross belly surcingles and Euro-Cut, No-Slip Design.

No need to replace or repair blankets before the season is over.  Made from the highest quality materials they last so long they become the cheapest blankets you can buy.

You will spend less time grooming your horse.  You canít groom your horse enough to make him as shiny and smooth our blankets will make him.

RAMBO The CHOICE of CHAMPIONS - for more information† click on† www.horseware.com

Text Box: Finally a Blanket that Works Hard and Makes Your Life Easy
Vertical Scroll: Professionals Who Know and Love Rambo Quarter Horse

Al Dunning - 21 time World Champion
Robbie Schroeder - AQHA World Champion
Clive Wells - AQHA World Campion
Lindy Burch - World Champion Cutter
Britt Brockius - World Champion Team Roper
Sharon Camarillo - World Champion Barrel Racer
Marth Josey - World Champion Barrel Racer
Add Waddell - Multiple World Champion Barrel Racer
Kelly Yates - 4 Time NFR Barrel Racing Qualifier
Clint Haverty - World Champion Reiner
Mike McEntire - Champion Reiner
Tracer Gilson - Champion Reiner
Terry Thompson - World Champion Reiner
Pete Kyle - Champion Reiner
Tom McTaggart - Champion Cutter
Amigo Stable

Amigo Products in stock:

Amigo 1200D Plus TO (200gm) (375gm)

Amigo 600D TO Lite

Amigo Stable Sheet

Rambo Travel Boots

Amigo Leather Halter

Amigo Halter/Lead

Field Safe Halter

Amigo Skrim (not pictured)


Horseware Clothing always in stock:

The Current launch

As well as:

Horseware LED Cap

Corribb Jacket

Riding Chap

Softie Fleece

NM Fleece

NM Tee





Horseware Socks

Talley Ho Socks

LG Fleece

Kids Jackets

Kids Polo/Rugbys

Kids Softie Fleece

Kids Caps

Kids Winter Hats





Oval: Dalmar Boots
Oval: Ice Vibe Boots

Please call for information on what is currently in stock and pricing.† Information can be provided on what is the best blanket for your needs.


Stock is ever changing.† Colors in the Amigo fluctuate each year, new colors launch others are removed.† However, Rambo items do not fluctuate too often.† Most items stay in the same colors.


There are other items in stock, just too numerous to mention.† Email or call for info.




Ionic blanket, stable boots and human items launch spring 2015!


The Sportz-Vibe blanket is launching spring 2015!!!


The Dalmar boots with the Carbon Strike Technology and Patented cooling system are your best strike protection on the market!