The latest advances in synthetic fiber technology are showcased in the outer gold covering of the H55 Gold Overreach Boot.  The inner lining features a highly shock absorbent foam with a gel no-turn knob that prevents spinning while adding protection.  The triple hook and closure system keeps the boots in place.  Machine washable.  Available in small, med and large. 

The most comfortable skid boot you can put on your horse!  The PRO H53 Reiners Skid Boot will not chafe, rub or irritate your horse’s legs while providing full protection from burns.  The body of the Skid Boot is soft, comfortable neoprene so you get a snug fit without pulling hair or chafing.  The extra thick skid cup is extremely durable in abrasive sandy conditions.  Sold in paird, one size fits all.  Black only. 

The H10 Support combines the most advanced materials in sports medicine with a patented design to create the ultimate, multi-use support system.  The Pro commitment to bring you the best support on the market is apparent in the attention to detail and the material used in this, and every, PRO product.  The Performance Support is constructed of orthopedic grade neoprene for a better fit and support.  The breathable, shock absorbing foam liner keeps the support cooler than other boots while absorbing three times as much shock as the competitor.  The foam liner is detachable, allowing the use of accessory liners, increasing the utility of the support.  The low profile support strap pulls evenly in a bio-mechanically correct fashion allowing the user to adjust the angle and amount of tension to match their horse.  All hook and loop surfaces are matched for maximum life cycle and durability.  The exclusive V tables make application easy with no tangle straps.  Bothe the support body and the liner are machine washable. Available in small, medium, large and extra large in a variety of colors.  


The H12 Reusable Cold Pack Insert is designed to fit in the H10 Performance Support in place of the foam liner.  Using state of the art gel technology, these cold packs make treating your horse quick, easy and safe.  Designed with a non toxic glycerin base, it won’t dry out or leak, even if punctured.   The cold pack will remain flexible even at -20 degree F, so it will easily conform to the leg for maximum benefit.  Insert will maintain therapeutic cold for optimum treatment times of 20-40 minutes without fear of burning.  Completely washable and reusable.  Packaged in pairs, one size fits all.

The H14 Magnetic Neoprene InsertUsing exclusive magnetic neoprene technology, PRO has created a therapeutic insert that can be used for injury treatment or while riding.  Utilizing neoprene panels in which magnetic fields have been embedded, Pro provides magnetic energy to the fetlock, bones and ligaments of the lower leg.  Because the magnetic particles are embedded in the soft neoprene, there are no hard magnets to irritate which makes it eh only magnetic support you can ride with.  Ideal as an addition in the treatment of sore shins, splints, muscle strains, tendonitis, arthritis, and swelling.  Fully machine washable.  Sold in pairs in sizes small through large.  Use the same size as your H10 Performance Support.

Back by popular demand, the new and improved H54 Sharkskin Overreach Boots are even more durable than the previous version.  The soft foam inner lining provides excellent protection to the back of the hoof while the no-turn knob makes sure it stays in place.  The cupping design provides an excellent fit.  The outer “sharkskin” covering is virtually impossible to cut and is extremely abrasion resistant.  The hook and loop closure means it stays on.  Sizes in small, medium, and large

The PRO H77 TC Close Contact Pad is a marriage of material technology and innovative design to meet the needs of today’s competitors.  This close contact pad was created to protect your horse while eliminating unnecessary bulk so the rider can “feel” the horse.  Built using all synthetic materials, the TC close contact pad starts with a layer of man-made chamois material net to the horse to provide moisture absorption and non-slip grip.  Then a layer of high density foam, exclusive to the TC pad, is fitted to protect the back where the bars of the saddle would contact the horse.  The top layer is high abrasion resistant material that grips the saddle.  Easily cared for - just hose off after each use. Ideal for cutters, reiners and all those seeking a better “feel” for their equine athlete.  Thickness of the base layer 1/4”, built up areas are 1/2” thick.  Only available in brown.

The PRO H76-C Series Signature Pad starts with a 1/2” re-formulated urethane foam offering even better shock absorption with a 1/4” top layer of polyester felt for easy care and durability.  The underside of this new pad features a thin layer of man-made chamois material to absorb moisture and provide a no slip surface.  Due too the flexible, conforming characteristics of this foam theis pad fits like a second skin.  The chamois lined pad should go directly on the horse .  The low profile design allows the use of a show blanket if desired, without getting too bulky.  This pad is used by top barrel racers and show trainers worldwide.  Easily cleaned woth soap and water.  The pad measures 31” in length and 32” wide.  It can be custom cut to fit smaller and rounded skirt barrel saddles.

Note: this item is now available with custom animal print wear leathers.  Includes both side wear leathers as well as the front horn piece.

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The H40 Skid Boot was designed with the reiner in mind.  Using orthopedic grade neoprene, cut to fit snugly just above the hoof, you get a boot that really keeps the dirt out.  The exclusive PRO V tabs make application a breeze while the matched hook and loop surfaces mean this boot won’t wear out prematurely.  Burn protection is provided by an extra thick rubberized patch which is flexible enough to conform to the leg without any hard points that might irritate.  Machine washable.  Available in small, medium, large and extra large in a variety of colors.